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OpenClass is a web app that promote information sharing through organized workshops.

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A website designed to connect the pharmacists in Algeria with each othe and help them doing their daily exchanges through the website.

AlphaBit TP-Solver

A useful tool to help the sutudents of the National School of Computer Sience and every IT student in general to learn programming basics and even more.

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Recipe Adviser

You don't know what to prepare for the dinner? Recipe Adviser app on Android solves your problem. Find recipes depending on the ingredients you have.

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Atlas Pizza

A website to promote pizzas of a food truck named Atlas pizzas.


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About me

I'm not only a developer, I'm a student at ESI-SBA and also a member of AlphaBit Club in ESI-SBA (Currently Vice-President 2017-2018) and an AIESECer in LC Oran (AIESEC in Algeria).

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